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I had probably the most wonderful Golden Week ever. I went to Osaka with Bokuto-san, Kuroo-oniisan and Kanzaki-san. The last time I visited Osaka was when I was really little, but I don't remember a thing so this was like a whole new experience for me. I definitely want to go back one day! There were so many fun things to do and we did sooo much.

One of the first places we visited was Nara deer park. This was the place I remember going as a kid and to be honest, I was scared of deer after visiting because one of them tried to eat my skirt. All of the deer were so cute that was... until one of them chewed on my skirt again. v_v I don't think deer like me or my skirts...

Picture of the skirt chewer culprit )

We also went to the aquarium! This was my first time visiting and it was a blast. I heard so many good things about it and it certainly lived up to it's name. I learned so many fascinating facts about the sea creatures and saw the famous Whale Shark. It was HUGE!! And I felt even smaller than I usually do just looking at it. There were also spider crabs and I had no idea crabs grew to be that big!!

Aquarium Pictures )

The takoyaki museum was lots of fun too! Everything was so tasty and quite honestly, I could eat takoyaki from Osaka all the time because it's that good. The Lucky Owl Cafe was BEYOND cute, there was no telling how long I stayed their just petting all of the adorable owls. There was also the bull restaurant with the most ... interesting choices in meat. And USJ was a blast, I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters, but some of the rides were super fun. I especially loved visiting the Harry Potter section of USJ, it truly felt magical and now I kind of want to reread all of the books again.

It was an amazing trip and I spent it with the most wonderful people ever. ♥ If anyone is ever thinking about going to Osaka, please visit everything that I mentioned and if you need anywhere else to go, feel free to ask! Because we did so much that I can't even begin to cover everything in my post, or else it'd end up being a novel.

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Oh my! Things have been so hectic that I forgot about this journal. It's nice to stay busy but I'm looking forward to having a break from school. Just got to finish up the last of my projects.

In other news, I've been addicted to this super cute game that I have on my laptop! It's called Stardew Valley and it's a farming simulation game. You get to grow crops, take care of animals, make friends with the villagers and it's so relaxing and fun. There's also a combat system and you can even fight monsters in the mines, but I haven't attempted that yet. It's been my little get away from school.

Here is my character~

My farm has a long way's go to but I'm determined to make it look nice!!




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Normally, I'm nervous to start a new school year but today was different. I had the most amazing day ever.

I'm very happily taken and seeing the most fun, coolest, handsome and awesome ace spiker in the entire universe. He makes me so happy that my heart is about ready to pound out of my chest just thinking about him.

He's also just as cute as all of these baby owls combined. Actually, he's even cuter. ♥

Now, I'm ready to start the new school year with nothing but smiles and love. ♡ ♡ ♡
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Easter Bunny Yacchan is here! ♥ and I come bringing gifts for you all~

Easter traditions in America are so interesting! There is a girl in my class who lived in America and she was telling me about what they did over there. So, I decided to take the task of being the Easter Bunny and I've left plastic eggs all around the Sakura Dorms with treats inside of them. Have fun hunting for them! ♡

Nationals were exciting! Even though Togei got third place, I'm very proud of every single one of you. We did our best and that's all that matters. We were up against an awesome ace, anyway.~ It was a very good game, Bokuto-san! But next time we aren't going to lose to you~ ♡ >:P

Congratulations to Johoga's volleyball team! I'm sad we didn't get to play against you but watching Kuroo Oniisan and Tsukishima-kun face off against Bokuto-san was very exciting to watch.

So many crazy things have happened this past month but now it looks like it's time for me to focus on the upcoming school year!
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I just came back from grabbing something to drink from the kitchen. As I was making my way towards my room, I see the figure of a girl far across the hallway. I didn't recognize her as someone from the dorms???? BUT BEFORE I KNEW IT, SHE SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED!!!!

THERE IS A GHOST HERE, OR MAYBE MORE THAN ONE GHOST??? Either way, I'm scared and I won't be getting any sleep for the rest of the night!!

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This is late but I wanted to say congratulations to Togei's volleyball team for their victory in the Chubu Tournament! All of you continue to amaze me with how every single one of you are so talented. Ennoshita-senpai, you are a wonderful captain and thank you so much for being such a wonderful leader to the team. Hinata, I was so happy when I saw that you were joining our team. You are an amazing edition to the team and with you we feel complete and many thanks for exploring Nagoya with me! I had a lot of fun. ♥ Although I think we went crazy buying souvenirs. Kozume-san, as always you are such a fantastic setter. We would not have gotten far without you. Let's do our best at the nationals!!

I also want to say congratulations to Togei's tennis and swimming teams! For a art school, we surely are strong in sports.

And last but not most definitely not least, Happy Birthday Tanaka-senpai!!! It's so weird to think that we met when you were a second year in high school and now we will be moving onto our next year of uni. Can't believe we've known each other for so long. Hope you have a great birthday and that this year will be filled with lots of joy!





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Happy Valentines Day! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday. ♥ How is everyone spending their day? I went a tad overboard on baking but it was a lot of fun to think up different things to give to people. Big thanks to Kuroo-oniisan for the cook book he gave to me back in Christmas! There were so many cute and neat ideas that I just had to use for Valentines Day.

(OOC: Behind the cut is a list of goodies that Yachi has given to various Toyama residents. It's very image heavy and I put it behind a cut for people who are using data on their cellphones.

Also, anyone close to Yachi might notice that she's been down and hasn't been her usual self. She's been very quiet and been baking and cleaning a lot to distract herself from the recent incident between her and Nishinoya. The only people Yachi has talked to about the incident are Kuroo and Bokuto.)

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I've never actually made an ice or snow sculpture before! Sculpting is something I've never been good at but I was pretty eager to make something for the festival, My group and I ended up making a Hello Kitty snow sculpture! A fair warning to anyone, when you look at it in person it's... really not that impressive. and it's kind of small too

And I have a question for everyone. Would anyone be interested in joining me in a group baking session for Valentines Day? I got lots of treats to make and it'll be more fun making things together while also enjoying each other's company. I could always use some taste testers as well. ♥ Gotta make sure that everything can please everyone's palates. :D


Jan. 24th, 2016 12:59 am
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I got inspired by Zaizen's post after seeing a picture of his spirit animal, I thought it would be interesting to find one of my own and after looking at several old photographs I think I found the perfect one.

I never noticed how much I make the O: face until I looked at my pictures. I'm sure people who take my picture think I'm the strangest person ever. I think everyone should have a spirit animal! If anyone wants to share, you are more than welcomed to post your spirit animals in the comments. ♥

While I was digging through animal pictures, I've been also looking up pictures of birds for my painting class since I'm really into the idea of painting feathers. During my search, I came across one bird in particular that I thought was funny.

So I ask, does this bird remind anyone of a certain Toyama resident? :D
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The break seemed to just fly by but I had a wonderful time! Before coming back home, My mother and I got to meet Yuu's parents. I've lived in Sendai for all of my life so being by the countryside was nice and relaxing. We even got to eat fresh vegetables from the farm and it was some of the best vegetables that I've ever had.~ I spent my break with the most wonderful people ever. But now that school has started back, it's time for me to shift gears and get back to studying.

Now onto a different subject...

Everyone should know that the Togei volleyball club members are all awesome and deserve all the attention and praise.

I'm fine with people wanting to check them out but if I see that you are ... purposely spying on them and taking pictures like you are some sort of paparazzi Especially when a certain girl starts snapping pictures of MY boyfriend... that is a big no-no.

Spying will not be tolerated while I'm around ♥

and if I see that you are spying, I will be as fabulous as Elsa the ice queen when I slam the door in your face.

The spies never bothered me anyway~


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I hope that everyone is having a nice relaxing holiday~ What has everyone been doing on their break?

I've been spending mine with a certain person...
selfie behind cut )

And Happy Birthday to Captain Ennoshita!!!! Hope that you have an amazing birthday! ♥ When we get back from break we should celebrate! :D

Yachi's gifts to people )
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Super proud of all my Togei Volleyball boys for the excellent match. Let's do our best and win! I believe in every single one of you. ♡ Looking forward to playing against you, Tanaka-senpai and Michimiya-senpai!

Last night I went on a online recipe hunting spree and kind of went crazy. I found several things I would like to try and make~ Found some really cute holiday themed foods if anyone would like to get some ideas.

My Dinner Tonight! )

Things to make in the future~ )

Does anyone have any recipes they would like to recommend? :D I'm always looking to cook new things.~

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Good job to everyone at the Winter Camp! It was my first time attending but was definitely an experience I will never forget. Everyone worked so hard and I'm especially proud of all of my Togei Volleyball boys. ♥

My new tablet pen arrived when I came back from the camp and I'm super excited.~ I haven't drawn on a tablet in a while! I was eager to test it out so I drew this Christmas themed icon for my journal...

So, if anyone wants a Christmas icon with their face let me know and I'll gladly draw it for you! I'm kind of in an art block and could really use the inspiration.

To all the Sakura dorm residents: Bokuto-san and I are on the hunt for a Christmas tree for the dorms! Once we find the perfect tree we would love to have a decorating day where everyone brings their own ornaments to decorate with. When we find a tree we'll announce a date but get your ornaments ready if you'd like to participate. :D
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I'd like to dedicate this post to a very special and awesome guy on here

[personal profile] haveyourbacks, I'm not exactly sure when it was that you came rolling into my heart

Maybe it was the first thing you ever said to me, how you oh so romantically walked up to me and said "HEY FIRST YEAR GIRL!!!"

Those words struck my soul like thunder and lightning

Anto-chan has nothing on you and I'm sure he looks in envy at how dashing and manly you are.

I could go on but I just wanted to let you know that above all, you will always be my...

Happy 1 Month Anniversary!!! ♥♥♥

There is one last thing I wish to inform everyone as well but it's very important

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Just wanted to send you a message to let you know that I hope you are having a good day.~ What are you up to? ♥

I've been also meaning to tell you that, I still think about what happened in Kurobe between us... like, a lot. I'm sorry if that sounds weird but I when I think about it my heart starts to race like crazy.
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The weirdest thing happened to me while I was at work.

I was outside of the cafe, trying to sweep some leaves away until all of a suddenly this guy throws a muffin at me then says "Do you know the muffin man?" before he ran off

... I'm torn between feeling annoyed or finding this to be hilarious but either way I got a free muffin out of it?

Besides that, I signed to work as a Elf at Ho-mall! Gonna need the extra cash for the holidays and working with children seems fun. :D I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Yay Togei!

Nov. 13th, 2015 08:06 pm
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Congratulations to the Togei Volleyball club on their win today! I'm very proud of each and every one of you. As a reward for everyone's hard work I'll be buying the volleyball club dinner at Bendy's. ♥

All this excitement over the tournament made me forget that I need to pack for the onsen trip tomorrow. oAo I should start doing that!

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Halloween is here~ I should start baking some Halloween cupcakes to celebrate. I really wanted to try carving a pumpkin but now it's kind of too late. There is always next year.~

Got my costume picked out! Shopping with An is lots of fun. ♥ It was neat seeing all the different costumes even if there were some... interesting ones. It's a secret what we are going to be but we'll be fierce.


An~ When's a good time for you to stop by so we can style our hair?


I... I'm excited to show you my Halloween costume and I can't wait to see yours.

If, you'd like to maybe we can hang out a little bit before we go to the party? Then maybe we can go together?
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The bonfire was so much fun! It was nice seeing all the different people and the BBQ was lovely. ♥ Thank you to everyone for bringing all of the amazing good, everything was very tasty. I hope we get to do something like this again.

I've been feeling inspired lately but I have a sudden urge to make a wreath to hang on my door and I was thinking about making something similar to this.

Instead of owls, I was hoping to find some crow plushies to put in its place. I don't think making it will be too hard, it's trying to find all of the right materials that will take me a long time. There was a really good sized wooden twig wreath that I found on sale last week which made me want to attempt this. Let's... just hope that it ends up turning out okay. v_v;;

[Private] )
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I... really enjoyed yesterday. If its okay, c-can we hang out again sometime? I was also thinking that um, you can call me Hitoka if you want? If that seems weird you don't have to!
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